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Jatim Park, Batu, Malang, East Java

do you know ‘malang’ ?

Malang City lies on southwestern part of Indonesia, Java island, on the Brantas River, at the eastern part of Mount Semeru (Gunung Semeru), near Surabaya. Malang is a trade center of agricultural area in which sugar, rice, coffee, tea, corn, peanuts, cassava, and cinchona bark are grown. http://www.eastjava.com/tourism/malang/citytour/index.html

Cool and fresh is the sensation if you go to Malang. There are so many beautiful place to visit. So many water fall, you can find there. But in this writing, i would like to describe about JATIM PARK. It’s located in Batu, a part’s district of Malang.

Jatim Park Main GateAfter buy a ticket, you fill find a huge gong. Normally, gong is played as a part of traditional music of gamelan jawa. Try to hit the gong first.

Actually, jatim park is designed as education park. it’s place for children to play and learn. But don’t worry, adult will enjoy this park, too.

You see, you will learn many thing over here.


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